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Let me introduce my self before I spill beans about my yoga journey. I am Shivin Kumrawat, hail from the city of temples Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Ujjain is known for “Adiyogi” Himself the Mahakaleshwar temple. I am Software Engineer by profession and yogini by passion.
Started my yoga journey 7 years back with free sessions at my very first job and then there was never looking back. I was aware of my flexibility from childhood but realised later that I lack balance, strength and concentration. Yoga has given me all of these by practicing everyday though I am still striving for it each day bit by bit.
Yoga connects one with inner self and that experience to know the universe inside us is so overwhelming in itself.
My purpose for coming to this blog is to spread awareness about physical and mental health and how Yoga can serve to this.
Yoga is for everyone, regardless of gender and age. And so I urge all of you reading this blog to connect with me in my journey.
I will try to share my knowledge about Yoga, the very little of the ocean that I have been able to learn in these years with coming blogs.
🔱Jai Shiv Shambhu 🔱

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